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Порт 25575
Слотов 30
Версия игры 2.2.5
Страна country US
Добавил Soulscyth
Категория PvP
Последнее обновление 2015-04-05 09:04:11
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I purchased the server on 3/27/2015 after leaving another community as I did not approve how they ran the group. You may be thinking oh my god a fresh server this will suck but it's growing faster than you can think and I am setting up all the plugins at this moment we have feast, store, rep, and kits installed. With more improvements being added daily so check us out and join our website @ http://nationalgamingassociation.net on the site you'll locate the IP address for the server and further information. Registration for the site only takes one minute enter an email and password and bam you are on. The server IP is but please remember take the time to register on website!
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